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Millions of people every year are in need of Paris tourist information so they can be a little more prepared for when they visit France's most cosmopolitan city. It's hard to think about the romantic nostalgia this city offers and not get excited. Not to mention, Monocle ranked it as the world's top 10 most liveable cities. Being familiar with transportation, currency, safety, etc., will allow you to get the most out of your vacation.

The first bit of tourist information in Paris most are interested in is regarding transportation and getting around the city. There are 20 districts locally referred to as arrondissements that form a clockwise spiral and are numbered 1 through 20. The best way to get around Paris is by walking. It's actually not a large city and you can easily cover a lot on foot. If you venture down old Parisian streets that have no sidewalks you need to stay alert. While these streets may look too skinny for vehicles, taxi drivers can plough through with no problem at lightening speeds.

Most visitors to Paris rave about the city's underground train system. There are a total of 16 metro lines that run every couple of minutes. You can purchase a one-day ticket or a week or month pass. Take the time to study the map and you will have no problem finding which line you need to get on to get to your destination.

Interestingly, you can skate anywhere in the city. Many locals prefer it to walking or cycling and you can rent a pair of skates for next to nothing. If you prefer to cycle, bikes can be rented everywhere and there are bike lanes on major roads.

There is a bus system in Paris called the Parisian Bus that really caters to tourists. In fact, you will find more tourists than locals on it. There are also double-decker open-topped buses that you can catch and they stop at every corner or you can simply ride around and listen to the headsets that they provide, offering information about the sites.

The next thing you may be interested in when it comes to tourist information is regarding taxis. There are not as many as most assume. Traffic jams during the day can get costly so most prefer to hire a taxi in the evening hours. You can call and order one as well. Taxi drivers will typically not allow you to sit up front unless there are three or four people in a group.

Climate is another thing that you may be interested in if you are looking for Paris tourist information. The city experiences a Western European oceanic climate that sees cool winters and warm summers. Sunshine is quite scarce in the winter months but temperatures still manage to typically stay above freezing. Snow is very rare and when it does fall, it usually won't accumulate or it's gone the next day. Summers average anywhere from 15.5°C up to 25.2°C but records have reached as hot as 40.4°C in the past.

As you would expect, French is the primary language spoken here but being one of the top tourist destination in the world means that there are plenty of people who speak English, especially in hotels, restaurants, banks, etc. You will find that most locals understand a little as most are required to study English in school. Learning to ask for help or say hello in French is recommended but not absolutely necessary.

Paris tourist information regarding safety is quite positive. Violent crimes are rare; pickpockets are active on the metro or crowded elevators and escalators at museums, the Eiffel Tower , etc. Keeping anything of value in a rear or jacket pocket is discouraged. If you need the police call 17, medical help dial 15 or you can call the nationwide emergency number of 112. If there is a missing child, please dial 116 000.

The last thing you should know is that the euro is the currency used in Paris. You can exchange funds in many places but the lowest rate will be at a Bureaux de Change and Foreign Exchange or simply by withdrawing from an ATM which you can find on nearly every corner and in stores, hotels and major tourist attractions.
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