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Visible from several kilometres away, Basilique du Sacre Couer (Sacred Heart Basilica) is situated atop the highest point of the City of Paris. From the front of the church you have an incredible panoramic view of the city, which enables you to see the Eiffel Tower in the far distance, the Arch of Triumph and the many skyscrapers in the La Defense district of the city. This area is quite popular and chances are you will see many tourists and perhaps the occasional street musician who enjoy the incredible views. The nearby Montmartre (Mount of Martyrs) area along with this church is a recommended location that some travellers miss because of the distance from the city.

This Roman Catholic church made from white limestone and built in the Romano-Byzantine style of architecture is relatively new but important nonetheless. The site was completed in the early 20 th century is home to a number of important Catholic observances such as Christmas and Easter and has services and mass every day of the week. Hours at the church are normally from 6:30 am until 10:30 pm daily.

Public access to Sacre Coeur and the Montmartre area is slightly more challenging in that there isn't a Metro station nearby. For those visitors who have difficulty walking or who live with a disability, a shuttle or taxi service might be the better option. For those other folks who are reasonably fit, there are some other public transport options to consider. The closest Metro station is at Chateau Rouge but unless you have a good map or a GPS system, you might have to ask for directions along the way. The distance from this station to the church is approximately 650 metres but the best part is that you won't have to climb to the top of Montmartre to get there since the station is already at a similar level.

The most popular form of transport to reach Sacre Coeur is through the use of the Funicular (cable car, which is operated by the Paris Metro. In order to reach the Funicular, you can take Metro Line #2 and debark the train at the Anvers stop, approximately 300 metres away. Lastly another very popular choice in getting to the Sacre Coeur and the Montmartre area is by walking the steep stairs that lead from street level to the top, not far from the Metro station. This method of access is only recommended for those who are at least fairly fit and healthy. Close to the Anvers stop is the world famous Moulin Rouge (Red Mill) cabaret that is approximately 1 km away. If you do happen to venture on street known as the Boulevard de Clichy, it is recommended that you stay in the walkway that separates both sides of the street. Please note that the further you go down this street, the further you will be in one of the seedier sections of town and doormen are very aggressive for your business if you happen to walk by.

You will have a much nicer visit at Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, the popular area for local sketch artists and painters who will spend the day display their wonder works of art, while asking if you might be interested in posing for the artist, for a fee of course. The area also has a collection of interesting shops and restaurants and should not be missed if you visit Sacre Coeur. The distance between the church and Montmartre is only about 200 metres.

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