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The Rodin Museum, like most of the important attractions of Paris is easily accessible by public transport. The closest Metro subway station is at Varenne, on the Metro Line #13. Another important attraction in Paris is the Tomb of Napoleon on the immense property known as the Hotel National Des Invalides or better known as the National Residence of the Invalids, which houses a museum of the military history of France as well as the burial site for other important French military figures, including Napoleon's brothers and French military leaders of World War II. The property also has a military hospital and retirement home for French military veterans. If you happen to visit the Tomb of Napoleon, you are only 600 meters from the Rodin Museum or vice versa, which means you can visit two of the city's important attractions in just a short time.

The Rodin Museum, is a pre French Revolution building, which was originally a luxury hotel built in the late 1720s known as the Hotel Biron. The Rodin Museum opened in 1919 and has the distinction of housing the largest collection of the works of Auguste Rodin in the world.

This museum is open everyday with the exception of Mondays and is the entrance fee is a paltry sum to see one of the world's most famous sculptures. You can also combine the entrance fee with the Musee d'Orsay or a more extensive visitor's pass to view other attractions in Paris. Shortly after getting past the admission gates, you will be able to experience viewing the world famous sculpture “The Thinker”, which is not actually inside the museum but instead in the beautiful gardens that surround the museum. Although there are many other Thinker statues in the world, this statue is the original. If you simply want to just visit the garden, you can pay even less for the luxury of seeing one of history's most important statues. However if you decide to pay for the entire museum, you can walk into the building and view over 500 sculptures, with the most notable being Rodin's “The Kiss”, the 2 nd most famous Rodin sculpture, and “The Gates of Hell”.

Not only are those several of Auguste Rodin's most important work, but other sculptures, and forms of art such as illustrations, and early photographs from other prominent artists such as Henry Coles, Leon Fourquet, Stephen Haweis, Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Gaudenizio Marconi, and Soudbinine. The museum also has a small gift shop in case you wish to take home some souvenirs of the museum.
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