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The Parc Asterix outside the City of Paris is another popular theme park for children and adults alike. The park named is based upon a very popular series of French comic books and animated films known as The Adventures of Asterix, which began in 1959. The main character is Asterix himself, a primitive Gallic warrior who lived in Brittany. He has superpowers similar to any comic book super hero from a magic potion and uses his abilities to protect his oppressed people from the Roman Empire. The Gauls were the Celtic people who lived in present day France and other neighbouring European countries during the 5 th century BC and for hundreds of years waged battle against the Romans.

The hero Asterix along with his loyal friend Obelix lived in Gaul during the year 40 BC, which during that time was under control by the Romans except for one small village, the one where Asterix lived. It is in this village that the theme back is based upon.

Opened in Parc Asterix lies some 35 km north of Paris and 20 km from the Charles de Gaulle Airport in a region known as Plailly. There is no direct public transport to the park but the following are some helpful tips in getting there. The easiest method of transportation is with an automobile and you will take Highway A1 in the direction of Lille. There are highway markers that will lead you to the park just past the exit for the Chateau Mont Royal. There are also shuttles from both the Eiffel Tower and the Lourve that will take you directly to the park. If you are staying in a hotel in Paris, the front desk may be able to provide you with a shuttle service to the park. If you wish to use public transport, you can take the Paris RER B3 from the Gare du Nord (North Train Station) in Paris to the Charles de Gaulle Airport. From there you can take Asterix shuttles to the park.

Once at the park you will notice that it is far less crowded than at Disneyland Paris and the queues aren't as long either. For some visitors this park might be a better choice for an amusement park, especially for those visitors who have already visited Disneyland in California or the Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida or those visitors looking for a better value for their money. An even better reason is that the character Asterix is of French descent, rather than American.

The park consists of 5 “worlds” in which to visit: Gaul, Roman Empire, Greece, Vikings and Travel Through Time. Each one of these worlds have amusement or thrill rides such as the Tonnerre de Zeus (Thunder of Zeus), a wooden roller coaster known as the 3 rd longest in Europe, Spies of Caesar, Goudurix and themed water rides and other roller coasters. There is also a very popular dolphin shows designed to entertain people of all ages. For children they have the opportunity to meet and take photos with the two main characters of the comic book, Asterix and Obelix.
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