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The Louvre in Paris is generally regarded as the most prestigious museum in the world, the world's largest museum,as well as one of the world's most visited museums. From the time it first became a museum during the late 18 th century, the former castle has been the top museum to visit in the world and is a must see attraction in Paris. From the world renownedoil painting of the "Mona Lisa" to the statue of "Venus de Milo", the vast collection of arts and antiquities is so large, it is very unlikely that you will be see everything that the museum has to offer in a single day. With the entire property at over 60,000 metres, is it quite helpful to plan your tour ahead of time so that your time is best utilized and in an efficient manner.

The Louvre is easily accessible by the Paris Metro subway system with two close stations, the Palais Royal/Musee du Louvre and the Louvre Rivoli just a few metres away served by the Paris Metro Line #1 or #7.Even if you are traveling by automobile, it might be advisable to simply use the public transport system to reach the Lourve Museum. If you decide against public transport, one of the many taxi services within the City of Lights will be able to transport you close to one of the entrances. Upon arriving at the museum complex, you might recognize the familiar Lourve Pyramid, completed in 198, which became even more famous with American Dan Brown's best selling novel in 2003, "the Da Vinci Code". The Pyramid was featured at the conclusion of the popular movie inspired by the book, anddepicts the location of the fabled Holy Grail and the final resting place of Mary Magdalene within the Pyramid.

Tens of thousands of works of art are on display in the three distinct sections of the museum: the Richelieu section, which houses much of the sculpture in the museum, as well as many famous French, Dutch and German paintings, the Sully section, where the where many other famous paintings reside such as "The Card Sharper", along with Roman and Egyptian antiquities and the Denon , where the exquisite "Mona Lisa" and some othercollections from the famous Italian artist Michelangelo reside. The price of admission remains very affordable even today but crowds can be very large at times, particularly during the summer. However with the informational maps provided at the reception areas, you shouldn't have much trouble locating the most important works of art. In fact, if you are limited on time, the informational maps will lead you to most of the most important attractions, which will allow you to visit the collections finest in a matter of just a few hours.

Aside from Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" and the marble sculptured "Venus de Milo", among the other notable works of art are the sculpted "Winged Victory", discovered in the 19 th century on a small island in the Aegean Sea, the statue of "Diana de Versailles", and the "Borghese Gladiator" as well as countless numbers of world famous paintings such as Vermeer's The Lacemaker, Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People", symbolizing the French Revolution, Watteau's "Pierrot", Jacques-Louis David's "The Coronation of Napoleon", and Riguad's "Portrait of King Louis XIV".

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