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The Eiffel Tower is without question the most important historical structure in the City of Paris. It is also one of the most familiar sites in the world and draws huge crowds of visitors each year and is arguably the most photographed structure in the world. Built by the Gustav-Alexandre Eiffel built in 1889, the steel tower is over 320 metres high, easily the and at one time was the highest structure in the world, and weighs over 3,000 kilograms! Although the tower originally received widespread criticism from many Parisians, it eventually became widely accepted as one of the great national symbols of France as it does even today.

The Eiffel Tower like most of the top attractions in the City of Paris is easily accessible by public transport. The Paris Metro and the RER both have stations nearby with the RER station at Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel the closest at 600 metres away on the RER C Line. The Metro stop is at the station known as Bir Hakim, is approximately 850 metres away and more widely used, mainly because of the simplicity of using the Paris subway.

While you are walking from either Metro station, you are bound to encounter a number of street vendors pedalling anything from postcards and Eiffel Tower magnets to overpriced bottles of water. These pedlars are mostly harmless and sometimes you might be able to obtain a better price for a souvenir with them than in a Parisian store. However if you do encounter of these pedlars, please keep a mindful eye on them and your personal belongings.

Eiffel Tower

Once at the tower, you have the opportunity to take a lift or walk the stair up one of the 3 levels open to the public. But in order to have the privilege of accessing one or all of the levels, you will have to submit yourself to a very long queue, particularly during the summer months. What might be a better option is to purchase your tickets in advance from a reputable tour operator that sells advance tickets. If you decide to walk the steps up to the first two levels, please be prepared to climb over 1,600 steps in order to get to the 2 nd level. The combined height from the base to the 2 nd level is nearly 172 metres. If you choose to go to the 3 rd level, which is another 275 metres, you might be able to treat yourself to one of the grandest sites you will ever experiences. On a clear day, you will be able to view the landscape up to nearly 65 km away.

The Eiffel Tower also features two restaurants, one of each of the first two levels as well as gifts shops to purchase more souvenirs. The Jules Verne restaurant is a particularly fine gourmet Italian restaurant on the 2 nd floor, which offers you incomparable views of Paris, but can be very pricey and dinner reservations are always in high demand.

Also if you are at the Eiffel Tower, you will relish in the incredibly long stretch of greenery known as the Champs de Mars (Field of Mars) which is about 1 km long and one of the larger parks in Paris.

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